Welcome to Annie's: Kitchen

Annie absolutely has the kitchen to entertain. It's wide open to the family room and has tons of space for gathering.

She crackes me up with her "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere" theme throughout...

You'll see Howard Johnson's memorabilia (a family owned business back in the day) in several places around the house, but this old poster is my favorite.

It's truly a grand space...
a space where we've all spent most of our time...sitting...chatting...and sippin' on Toasted Head.

We're headed to the beach next week...Happy spring break, everyone!

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Spring Extravaganza

Oh, y'all.
It was quite the weekend.

The spring flea market took place this weekend...and it was most definitely my most favorite visit yet!

Things were different this year...in that, I had things I HAD to buy.

I went there with a giant list...and wouldn't you know it, I just about checked off every single item.
(Grady was thrilled.)

My excitement is abounding!

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Welcome to Annie's: Family Room

You may have seen some of these once before, but I couldn't go through the house tour without having them be a part of it...

Yet again, the bicycle is the center of it all.
How wonderful.

Have a grand weekend everyone!
Lots to look forward to... ;)

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Wednesday Redo: Old Wooden Bowl

I love this idea. Wooden pieces like this are always cheap and easy finds. 

Check out Anu's blog: Nalle's House to get all the details!

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Welcome to Annie's: Dining Room

Well, we got some exciting news this weekend!
Our house came on the market...
and the people living in it accepted our offer!
I can't even begin to describe my excitement!
The bad news, however, is that we can't close until the end of May.
...which means, I GUESS we'll have to stay in Annie's fabulous house until then... ;)

Speaking of Annie's house, we last left off on the front porch, but open up and here's what you'll find... 

To die for, right?
But, just wait...there's more.

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Welcome to Annie's: Front Porch

As you already know, Annie's a thrifter. I'm always in awe at the fun things she finds. In fact, you realize it even before you step foot in her home...

The old bike is my favorite.
What a fun and playful way to welcome guests...

(I can't wait to show you the rest...)

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4 Lucky Live-ins

Well, we're all settled in...
at Annie's, that is.

The house search continues to no avail.
Despite the fact that the housing market is looking up, there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot on the market in our area. We're hopeful as the weather gets better and spring really takes effect, that we'll see more...
I don't know. But, it's certainly frusterating. I can only pin so much.
And, it's hard to build up too many ideas when you really have no idea what you're working with.

Meanwhile, poor Annie & Pop have 4 new live-ins...whom, I know are crampin' their style.
But, I gotta tell ya, these 4 new live-ins sure are lucky.
You remember Annie, right?

She's only the one (of 2) people who introduced me to thrifting. She and Fleming opened a whole new world to me...and well, since we have no home...why not blog about Annie's in the meantime?

This is going to be pretty fabulous...

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